Entry #3

So true (Image made by me)

2017-03-11 23:09:41 by MMMSG



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2017-03-11 23:30:35

Sonic didn't give me jack of a childhood. Never found anything interesting about him or his games.

Yet I was also that one kid obsessed with listening to Live and Learn in Smash Bros

MMMSG responds:

I was obsessed with listening to it, too. It was just so good


2017-03-12 03:09:52

those two were not my childhood. those two are bitter enemies who want to kill eachother.
mario is my childhood
sonic isn't.

MMMSG responds:

if they're out to kill each other, then how did they have a friendly competition, unless.... OH MY GOD, MARIO HELD THE OLYMPICS TO GAIN DATA ON SONIC TO KILL HIM!!!!!!!